Happy new year, folks! So far so good.

I have just finished reading The Audacity of Hope. Why on earth were there tears on my face?

Apart from its brilliant clarity, its main appeal is plain good sense.

It must be one of George W Bush’s strangest legacies, that he makes a reasonable, articulate person appear exceptional.

5 Responses to “Obama”

  1. samwell Says:

    i welled up too when i watched his speech after winning the election. all that hope focused on him.

  2. recumbentman Says:

    This is the limerick I addressed to the US on boofcake when he was elected:

    Inspiring, articulate, sane,
    Cosmopolitan, thoughtful, urbane–
    You deserved such a man;
    Help him on all you can,
    For your wounds cannot heal without pain.

    That’s post 28 on

  3. samwell Says:

    nice try but you won’t get me onto facebook with your limericky trickery!

  4. malo Says:

    specially if you go givin them out for free on the bolg. Shoulda just given him a line or 2…

  5. pmr Says:

    I e-mailed CNN after his election, quote: “In the summer of 1960 I turned 18 and had I been American I would have voted for JFK in November even though he seemed very old (although not as old as my father). This year, had I been, I would have voted for Barack Obama even though he seems very young although older than my children” unquote. Jim Clancy even sent me a reply, mind you I did send it from Ireland which helps! I can visit the US once again after the 20 November. Wow

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