Tis the gift to be simple

Here is the little chest of drawers I made last year.

Chest of drawers

The drawers were made several years ago, as part of a desk/dresser for Aoife. Notice the blind dovetail joints!


7 Responses to “Tis the gift to be simple”

  1. malo Says:

    a darn sight better than the oul yoke beside it. Nice one, fancy drawers!

  2. samwell Says:

    did you make that out of your own head?

  3. recumbentman Says:

    Yes, and I’ve enough wood left for another one!

  4. marta Says:

    good (wood)work!

  5. Aoife Says:

    I loved that hefty dresser/desk you made me. Glad you recycled the best bits! Heath’s recycling a camping cooking pot from Auntie P that’s the perfect size to add to a stove pipe in his workshop, named “The Hut” in honour of Wally’s Hut.

  6. Richard Says:

    Would never have dreamt you had such wooden drawers let alone had made them yourself. Looks like fine craftmanship

  7. recumbentman Says:

    Why thank you Richard! Malachy cast aspersions on the Rough Deal chest of drawers beside mine, but in fact I copied several details from that. I wouldn’t call it fine work, but it goes in and out like anything.

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