Clancy bashing

Liam Clancy has died, the last of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. In his honour I sang two Clancy Brothers songs last Saturday, at the Ukuhooley get-together in Doheny & Nesbitt’s—Brennan on the Moor and The Bold Tenant Farmer. These came off the first Clancy Brothers album which we more or less wore out in Kerry in the summer of 1962; I played guitar and Nick and I sang, and I think we memorised the lot. No trouble remembering them last Saturday, even though I only decided on the spot that that’s what I would sing.

At the session I met Lucy Johnston of The Johnstons. To my embarrassment, though I knew the name I had never heard her family group which flourished in the sixties and included the young Paul Brady, but she had been at our St Sepulchres concerts.

On Saturday we added harmonies to other people’s songs. A nice noisy night.

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