A Heavy Melodrama

Every summer until I was eleven we spent two months in Green Cottage, Brittas Bay. Peter made friends there with David Rowell, who was the exact same age, and we celebrated their common birthday every August.

Rollo had a fund of Jimmy O’Dea comedy scripts by memory, and it became a tradition for us to put on shows for parents and friends. Here’s one:

Villain: At last Lady Rosalind we meet face to face. Last time I was here you scorned me, upbraided me, and spurned me from your door. But now the tables are turned and you are in my power!

Lady R: But you cannot take the roof from off my child’s head!

Villain: I care nothing for you or your brat! Begone!

Lady R: But my husband is the rightful owner and may still be living!

Villain: Your husband is dead—I have here the proof!

The hero is supposed to come on at that point and say ‘Your deeds are false, for I am here’, and the comedy arises from his failure to do so, whereupon the whole thing is repeated, at increasing tempo, until finally he enters confidently with ‘Your teeth are false for I am here’.

I was the youngest of the group, and always played Lady Rosalind. A Mrs. King, mother of one of the crowd, said (once she had finished upbraiding us for scratching the cellulose on her car) ‘It will be a muracle if you don’t all end up on the stage.’

4 Responses to “A Heavy Melodrama”

  1. samwell Says:

    i thought it was: at last hairy Willy we meet face to face.
    then there was something about an action man and a digtal watch.

  2. Aoife Says:

    Last time I was here you swapped your action man for my best watch?

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  3. samwell Says:

    is there a ukeleleman´s blog?

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