Old Iron

The other day while ironing the box of fuses blew
And when water spewed out of the iron we knew its days were through
So I signed online for Which? and copied down their recommendation
And I brought it in to Argos to compare their information

But not a single model in the Which? list of Best Buys
Was available or if so it was hiding in disguise
So I bought a Russell Hobbs around the middle range of prices
That looked quite like an iron from among the ‘pretty nices’

There was just one digit different from the one that scored quite high
Though I’m painfully aware that means their stars do not apply
Still I took it home and plugged it in and certainly it works
So fingers crossed let’s hope it won’t develop nasty quirks

And I don’t know why I’m telling you all this in rhyme and scansion
But the first line just came out that way and clamoured for expansion
You could sing it like calypso with a rhythm light and jaunty
And you’d know I’ve just been listening to Harry Belafonte

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2 Responses to “Old Iron”

  1. Aoife Says:

    Can you look at Which? to see what dehumidifiers they recommend? Energy efficiency and noise levels as a priority and for a 3/4 bedroom house. Thanks!
    I’m sure your old iron was past it’s best by date and the new one will see you out!! Considering the amount of ironing done..
    My favourite sentence in Welsh:
    Dw i ddim yn licio smwddio o gobl! I don’t like ironing at all!
    (Smwddio pronounced smoothio)

  2. recumbentman Says:

    Replied by email. Any more requests?

    Here’s a longer version of Harry’s song.

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