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Old Iron

Tue 24th Aug 10

The other day while ironing the box of fuses blew
And when water spewed out of the iron we knew its days were through
So I signed online for Which? and copied down their recommendation
And I brought it in to Argos to compare their information

But not a single model in the Which? list of Best Buys
Was available or if so it was hiding in disguise
So I bought a Russell Hobbs around the middle range of prices
That looked quite like an iron from among the ‘pretty nices’

There was just one digit different from the one that scored quite high
Though I’m painfully aware that means their stars do not apply
Still I took it home and plugged it in and certainly it works
So fingers crossed let’s hope it won’t develop nasty quirks

And I don’t know why I’m telling you all this in rhyme and scansion
But the first line just came out that way and clamoured for expansion
You could sing it like calypso with a rhythm light and jaunty
And you’d know I’ve just been listening to Harry Belafonte


I polished up

Tue 4th Aug 09

The handle on the big front door

The handle on the big front door.

Magic beans

Sat 27th Jun 09

Our beans on the 22nd of May . . . and today, the 27th of June


Tis the gift to be simple

Wed 28th Jan 09

Here is the little chest of drawers I made last year.

Chest of drawers

The drawers were made several years ago, as part of a desk/dresser for Aoife. Notice the blind dovetail joints!


Walking the dog

Tue 23rd Dec 08

Lily is over two years old now, and gradually growing more biddable. She’s a darling really, and has been from the start. She’s very keen on humans, and still jumps up on strangers, though she is more restrained now with people she knows.

Last Christmas Heath gave me a present of a chuck-it, and I have used it almost every day since. It must be one of the greatest inventions ever made. At first I had to take two tennis balls to the park with Lily, as she wouldn’t let go of one until another was ready to fling. Timing was crucial here, as she was perfectly capable of running after the second ball with the first one still in her mouth; eventually she got the notion of dropping a ball for me to pick up and chuck, so now I only need to bring one. Still, she often throws it up in the air and catches it again before nosing it over to me—and even then she is liable to grab it back out of the chuck-it before I can loft it away over the grass towards the trees.

I have to keep an eye out for other dogs. She will abort the game on sight of company, and go haring off to the other side of the park. If the other dog is big, all is generally well, but she still tends to yap and snap at smaller dogs. No damage intended, beyond a few pinchy tickles perhaps, but owners can understandably take offence.

She has her own norms; she never bothers barking back at a dog that barks at her through a door or gate, and even the big dog/small dog rule has exceptions. For a month or two a builder in Herbert Park kept two dogs in his car with the door open, and though they were both small, and came out to meet Lily on the street, relations were cordial from the start. No doubt the proper form of address was used.

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