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Leaning on a lamp post

Mon 18th May 09

I spent some of last weekend hanging posters for the Green Party. That is how I first got political: in 1989 myself and the Prairie volunteered, and we went out with John Gormley putting up posters that said something like “Others promise the moon . . . only we can save the earth”.


This time I was putting up the likeness of Senator Déirdre de Búrca, who is standing for the European Parliament. I put up 30 around Marlborough Road, Sandford Road, Eglinton Road, Donnybrook Road and Ranelagh. I felt great afterwards; it’s a pleasant challenge calmly wrestling with plastic boards and cable ties, and every lamp post has its peculiarities.

As I sized up a location in Ranelagh, the following started singing itself inside my head to the tune of Old Smokey; other verses followed over time:

On top of Eoghan Murphy

On top of Eoghan Murphy
Or maybe below?
On top of Eoghan Murphy
Is where we will go

Now Tubridy’s spotty
And McCartan is smooth
Half way up a lamp post
You’ve intimate views

On top of my ladder
I’m holding on tight
I’m not really on for
Hang gliding tonight

When the wind takes my posters
They fly round the town
I’ll try again later
When the breeze has died down

O Déirdre de Búrca
If only you knew
The lengths people go to
To publicise you



Tue 6th Jan 09

Happy new year, folks! So far so good.

I have just finished reading The Audacity of Hope. Why on earth were there tears on my face?

Apart from its brilliant clarity, its main appeal is plain good sense.

It must be one of George W Bush’s strangest legacies, that he makes a reasonable, articulate person appear exceptional.

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