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Tue 23rd Feb 10

My ukulele band Ukeristic Congress has had two public outings: Friday the 12th in Annesley House, North Strand Road, and again last night in McSorley’s of Ranelagh, as part of the benefit gig for Haiti.

I invited Terry Connaughton, chariman of the Ranelagh Arts Festival, to come along to hear us at the January meeting in Shebeen Chic, George’s Street, and he agreed to put a uke concert into this September’s festival. He also asked us to join the lineup for Haiti. He put us on third last, followed by Bree Harris with a terrific rock band, and Donal Lunny (back in Ireland) with the fiddlers Ciaran Tourish and Dermot McLoughlin.

I caught up with Eamon Carr, who read a poem for Haiti with recorded music and live drummer (Daniel Figgis). I hadn’t spoken with him since Tara Telephone days, forty years back. He said that Lorelei Templeton, the woman who put together the Tara Telephone page, is a uke fanatic in San Francisco. Influenced by her, Eamon had bought a uke, but couldn’t hack it as he lost the tip of his little finger in an accident.

Ukeristic Congress (Shay Bagnall came up with the name) is entirely managed by group emails. It’s a great bunch of people, currently nine of us. We rehearse on Saturday afternoons in McCloskey’s pub. If there is a rugby match on TV it becomes too noisy for us, so we are trying out the Charleville Tennis Club in Phibsborough next Saturday.


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