Aisling Out Walking

Aisling Out Walking is what we call this trio: James Quah on ukulele, Aisling Walsh on vocals, and me on bass. We first appeared last August in the Ukulele Hooley By The Sea, then at a birthday party in Sonairte, an environmental education centre in Laytown, north of Dublin, and most recently (pictured above) at the Millennium Bar in Parkgate Street. We croon in pleasant harmony and no eardrums are burst.

This is our current set list:

Island of Dreams
All I have to Do is Dream
Dream Lover
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Loch Lomond
Do You Love an Apple
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?
Try a Little Tenderness
Real Love
Memories Are Made of This
Stupid Cupid
Return to Sender
I’ll Fly Away
Alley Oop
Walkin’ After Midnight
River of Jordan

We have also been booked to appear in the 2012 Ukulele Festival of Great Britain in Cheltenham Town Hall, Saturday 2nd June.

6 Responses to “Aisling Out Walking”

  1. recumbentman Says:

    Here’s our first YouTube clip:

  2. recumbentman Says:

    And our second:

  3. recumbentman Says:

    We’ve settled on our list. At 2.45 on Saturday 2nd June in Cheltenham Town Hall, we will sing:

    Dream lover
    Island of dreams
    All I have to do is …
    River of Jordan
    Real love
    Memories are made of this
    Walking after midnight

    And, if they insist,

    Stupid Cupid

  4. The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain 2012 | Electric Ukulele Land Says:

    […] Aisling Out Walking were one of the bands in the morning set. They were a big hit playing a number of 50s tunes. AOW came over from Ireland. I think these guys were picked after played at Ukuhooley. […]

  5. Andrew Robinson Says:

    Yes, we did those, and we also were delighted to be invited onstage to accompany The Winin’ Boys in their final number, ‘Mistakes’. Fred sent me a pdf of the sheet music on the Wednesday, I made an arrangement for our three voices and we rehearsed it on Friday and Saturday and sang it on the Sunday. Not a recommended amount of time for getting a song to performance level, but we did it.

  6. Andrew Robinson Says:

    A third YouTube:

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