Epiphany at Ballinderry


Not a lot of activity in this forum last year, I confess, but I did do another month of journals on h2g2 in November, which brings us more or less up to 2013. Happy new year.

We began the year with a viol weekend organised by Patricia Quinn in Ballinderry House, near Kilconnell, just west of Ballinasloe.

We were three on Thursday morning, then five till Sunday (Epiphany). We left at lunchtime.
Here is what we played:

Coprario nos 1-7 (and a2 no 1 while J walked Lily)
Byrd 1
Tomkins 1
Bevin & Baldwyn’s Brownings

Ferrabosco 4 pavans
Holborne 29-34, 5, 6
Ravenscroft 1-3
Cranford 1 + 2 + Go From My Window
Byrd in nomines 1-5 + pavan & galliard
Lawes sets 1-4

Lupo pavans 1-4
Purcell no. 3

Ferrabosco no 6
Purcell pavan (from Dido)

Lawes set 5
Lachrimae 1-7 + Semper + King of Denmark’s galliard
Brade 1-6 + some others
Coprario 5 + 9-11 (pink books)
Bevin in nomine
Byrd Browning
Lawes C minor pavan again to finish.

George Gossip looked after us extremely well, the house was comfortable and beautiful, the pannelled sitting room was perfect for playing. Splendid.

One Response to “Epiphany at Ballinderry”

  1. Andrew Robinson Says:

    We have just repeated the experience; it’s almost a year since I wrote that. This time we were six, and we played (I mention for completeness):

    Byrd Pavan & Galliard a6 + Fantasia 3
    Tomkins Pavan & Galliard + Fantasias 16, 17, 18, 19
    Jenkins Bell pavan + Fantasias 9, 10, 11, 12 + two in nomines
    White two pavans + offbeat fantasia
    Ward fantasias 1 + 2 a4
    Alfonso fantasias a6 nos 5, 6, 7
    Coprario a2 no 1, a3 nos 1, 2, 3, a4 no 1
    Gibbons What is our life, Silver Swan, Now each flowery bank (a5)
    Gibbons fantasias a6 1-6
    Lawes a5 set 1, 2, & first fantasy & pavan of set 3
    Purcell in nomine a6 & Upon one note (it being shared)
    Tomkins ten pavans a5
    Ward in nomine a6
    Cranford a6 nos 1 & 3
    Gaudete (H Praetorius)
    Dering two in nomines + fantasias 4 & 6
    Lawes a6 sets 8, 9, 10

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